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What's Easy Wizi all about ?
Destination audience : Most of the computer users, who don't know how to master their computers.
The main characteristic : is the similar feeling of huge frustration caused mainly when the computer isn't responding as expected. Ultimately, some users even abandon this important environment. The result: most of the applications existing in the world today, don't fulfill their entire potential.
Need : Easy Wizi was created to give a proper respond for this phenomenon, using the simplest and easiest way, to any application in the world. Isn't it true you have never seen anything like it before ? Yes it is true, Easy Wizi has to competitors.

How does this wonder work ?
the concept leading the Easy Wizi, is the wizard technique. A wizard displays on the screen questions and forms, step by step. The graphic interface of all wizards is homogeneous, a feature meant to ease on the user, and be familiar with every wizard. The wizards are clear , simple, escorted with explanations titles and pictures, and not allowing to be mistaken.

Make yourself a wizard
Easy Wizi is accompanied with a wizard creation tool. This tool creates wizards instantly. No prior knowledge of any kind is needed to create wizards with this tool.

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